40amp Lipo Discharger


Tired of having your second charge port being tied up or don't have a charger that can discharge at a decent rate? This 40a, standalone, self powered, 2s LiPo discharger is exactly what you need. We utilize a constant load on the battery to provide an optimal discharge cycle. The discharger will measure and display 8 different electrical parameters. Its super simple to use, with only a single button to start the discharge. Low voltage cutoff halts the discharge at just over 6v. We tested and calibrated the low voltage cutoff to provide safe operation and the maximum performance.


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Measured parameters: 

  • Amps
  • Volts
  • Watts
  • Amp-hours
  • Watt-hours
  • Peak Amps
  • Peak Watts
  • Minimum Voltage
  • Time

Check out the video demo of our final production unit: youtu.be/SOi-n9Cyh_M.

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***** WARNING *****

We’ve carefully optimized our discharger to properly dissipate heat and cut off at a safe voltage. Be sure to balance charge your battery each time.

Use at your own risk!

Additional information

Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 145 × 105 × 90 mm